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Home Staging Checklist

Preparing your Home to Sell

calgary realtor elizabeth morgan


A comprehensive plan of what needs to be done to your home will be completed in our initial consultation. Many items can be looked after at this time.

I pay close attention to the details; enhance the home’s positives, create flow between rooms, suggest furniture placement and/or storage or rental, target the market for your home and decorate accordingly, suggest paint colors, re-arrange art, and assess the homes current state.


I create a “to do” list and strategies to cope with the clutter of everyday life.

Home Staging Walk-through Checklist

  • Lighting, day and evening, light bulbs
  • Traffic flow areas, clear of clutter
  • Measure to determine a better way to arrange furniture
  • Accessory groupings changed or moved
  • Art changed, moved or re-hung
  • Remove religious artifacts, diplomas and most personal photos
  • Cleaning list…every thing should sparkle!!!
  • Repair list….
  • Window coverings, improvements and changes
  • Style bookcases, open shelves, china cabinets
  • De-clutter closets and cupboards
  • Store personal valuable items
  • One basket of toys per child, or alternative idea
  • New towels, bedding accessories needed?
  • Cabinet hardware replaced?
  • Odors? Litter boxes? Garbage disposal
  • Focal point for each room
  • Repainting walls, ceiling, trims? Color chips.
  • Curb appeal, front door and mail box focal point…clean, decluttered.
  • Toys, bikes, shovel,s etc. moved to shed…shed and garage clean
  • New welcome mat
  • Replace old #’s and mailbox if rusty or too out of date